Catholic Schools Week is Almost Here!

Hi all,

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Here are some quick reminders for this week:

Tuesday – pizza lunch

Wednesday – Taco Truck if your child raised 100 dollars for the Spirit Run Fundraiser. They received invites last week.

Thursday – walking field trip to Gillespie to meet their Spanish pen pals (10-12)

Sunday – Open House from 10 am -1 pm

Spanish permission slip – today Senorita Loredana heard from the Spanish teacher at Gillespie that she would like to have the kids meet on Thursday. Students were given permission slips today and I am offering extra recess if the whole class can bring them back signed by tomorrow.

International Luncheon is NEXT Thursday and they are looking for dishes! Please use the SignUp link below if you can help make a dish for this incredible event. The kids love it!!


Valentine’s Day Party – we usually do have a Valentine’s Day party. I would like to have one of Friday, February 12th. Students are encouraged to bring a decorated bag or box to collect cards in. This is the ONE time I allow treats and non-nutritional snacks to be brought in and distributed. All items go home for your to decide how to best distribute. We usually have a craft and some snacks as well, similar to our Christmas party, so I will be looking for some people that might be willing to help with that as well. I mainly wanted to alert you to be on the look out for cards! I will send you a class list so you can make sure every child has one.