Rules and Procedures

  • Be respectful
    • treat others the way you wish to be treated
    • use positive, kind language to your peers and to adults
  • Stay on task
    • make sure to check for “early finisher” assignments
    • always have a chapter book in your desk for those moments when you have nothing else to do

Entering the Classroom

  • In the morning:
    • take your accordion file, planner, water bottle, and any other necessary supplies out of your backpack
    • hang your backpack on a hook outside and walk into the classroom quietly
    • turn in or take out any HW that is due (leave it on your desk or turn it in to the appropriate HW bin)
    • sharpen pencils and begin working on any morning work listed on the board
  • After recess:
    • walk into the classroom quietly
    • have a clear desk and be ready to work on the next assignment (or quietly continue assignments from before recess)

Exiting the Classroom

  • Clear the top of your desk
  • Clean under and around your desk (pick up all pencils, papers, etc.)
  • Wait quietly to be dismissed


  • Use a standard heading on all HW assignments on lined paper:
    • Name, date, virtue (top left corner)
    • Title of assignment (top line of paper)
  • For other HW assignments (practice book pages, for example), please just write your name and date
  • HW is due the day after it is assigned unless you are told otherwise
  • Take out HW as soon as you enter the classroom in the morning and put it in the appropriate place (either on your desk or in a HW bin, check the board for details)
  • Math HW is not to be taken out and turned in until math time
  • If you do not turn in a HW assignment when it is due, you will receive a “0” and missing in SchoolSpeak until complete. Your score will be lowered depending on how late the assignment is.
  • Late assignments are to be turned in to the “late bin”


  • Use the restroom and get drinks at recess time
  • If you really need to go, you may ask permission to use the restroom during any regular work period, please take the bathroom passes
  • Keep a water bottle at your desk if you can
  • If you abuse these privileges, you will lose these privileges

Behavior Incentives

  • Individual: earn “Blue Ribbons” for good, on task behavior, phone call home, Dojo points. Rewards will be determined by the class at the beginning of the year and can be altered throughout the year.
  • Group: if seated in groups, group points are given to those groups who are on task or who transition quickly, groups with the highest points earn bonuses.
  • Class: earn marbles for the marble jar to work towards a class party, earn even more marbles for great class behavior noticed by other teachers! We might be using Class Dojo and a class percentage of good choices to earn things. We are still learning.