Rules and Procedures

  • Be respectful
    • treat others the way you wish to be treated
    • use positive, kind language to your peers and to adults
  • Stay on task
    • make sure to check for “early finisher” assignments
    • always have a chapter book in your desk for those moments when you have nothing else to do

Entering the Classroom

  • In the morning:
    • take your accordion file, planner, water bottle, and any other necessary supplies out of your backpack
    • hang your backpack on a hook outside and walk into the classroom quietly
    • sharpen pencils and begin working on any morning work listed on the board
  • After recess:
    • walk into the classroom quietly
    • have a clear desk and be ready to work on the next assignment (or quietly continue assignments from before recess)

Exiting the Classroom

  • Clear the top of your desk
  • Clean under and around your desk (pick up all pencils, papers, etc.)
  • Wait quietly to be dismissed


    • Use the restroom and get drinks at recess time
    • If you really need to go, you may ask permission to use the restroom during any regular work period
    • Keep a water bottle at your desk if you can
    • If you abuse these privileges, you will lose these privileges