Notes from Mrs. Z 10.10

Hi parents,
I hope you are enjoying your 3 day weekend. I am heading out in a few minutes for a training walk and figured I would take a minute to write to all of you and update you on a few things.
We have been learning about sin and how to make choices that lead us away from sin. Students used their bibles to read the Parable of the Good Samaritan and reflected on what this parable meant for them in their lives. They are working in groups to create a puppet show to share this story with each other and with our TK buddies.
We will be moving on to their saint project this week. Please take some time and determine what saint your child would like to learn about this year. This site might help you pick a saint if you move through their feast days. I will be asking what saint they picked on Thursday.
I shared with them yesterday that on Friday, November 4th they will need to come dressed as a saint for our All Saints’ Day celebration and mass. I told them they could wear a costume of a saint they already had, but I wanted them to learn about a NEW saint during class this year.
Spelling and Vocabulary
The students have asked to have the opportunity to play games and things on Spelling City. Please know their list for this week has been uploaded. I shared with them yesterday that instead of doing the packet this week they could choose to complete the assigned spelling activities on Spelling City instead.
Their vocabulary words are on there as well if they wanted to play games, but I will be uploading a link in to Planbook this weekend to help with studying for the test.
The students have continued to learn about prepositions finding them, finding the oject of a prepositional phrase and now know how to eliminate the prepositional phrase and find the subject and verb. Next week we will be learning about compound subjects and verbs.
Literature and Writing
We finished War with Grandpa this week. Next week we will review and discuss the book and take a test on the book. Students will be working on a personal narrative as well. Their narrative will need to have 3 main events, details and dialogue. They are anxious to be using the Chromebooks again for their final version of their essay.
Students were also given a sheet with their AR goal this week and where they were in regards to their goal. Many students were taking AR tests this week and I am sure they will continue to do so. When a student finishes a books they are reading independently they should come to school and take a test on it. This assesses their comprehension of the novel and moves them towards reaching their goal. We already have a few students that have met their goal for this trimester and are seeing how far they can get before November 11th!
We introduced the area model of multiplication this week and will be learning the shortcut method this coming week. Students should continue to work on their multiplication facts if this is an issue. Some students were struggling with their 6s, 7s, and 8s, so if you are looking for something to do this weekend consider having them play some multiplication games online. Students were asked to complete 2-3 ALEKS topics by Tuesday and were told there would be a prize for the person that completed the most topics this weekend.
Social Studies
It looks like students are hard at work learning about California’s native people. They were asked to draw a house of the native people I believe so maybe ask them about that!
Many students wanted to bring in their rock collections or something. If your child would like to bring something to share on Tuesday, please have them do so. We are still learning about one another and coming together as a class community and this could be a wonderful time to learn more about one another.
Okay, I better get going! Have a great one!
Mrs. Katie Zack