Notes from Mrs. Z week of 10.5

Hi parents,
I hope you have managed to stay dry during these great rainy days!! Please take a minute to keep up to date about all that is happening in 4th grade.

Homework at a Glance
Reading: Read and log due on Friday. 100 minutes. Take AR tests!!
Spelling: Lesson 3 Spelling Activities are due on Thursday. Test on Friday.
Vocab: Unit 3 book work (only 3 pages – NO BLUE pages) due Thursday. Test on Friday.
Math: 2-4 tonight and increasing by one each night. Please support the area model method tonight. If your child know the standard algorithm, then have them do both ways as practice. The area model is very important for mental math and will be utilized a lot in class as we progress through this unit. Also ALEKS 5 topics are due on Friday.
Spanish: vocab, pronouns, SER and TENER conjugation
Science: pages 5-9 Read and stop and answer questions.
  • Book Fair all week in the library.
  • Movie Night on Thursday at 5 p.m. in the senior yard. Free unless you want to purchase popcorn and a drink.
  • Student of the Month will be on Friday.
  • Send in a rosary – During the Month of October we try and pray a decade of the Rosary each day. If your child wants to bring one from home that would be wonderful.
  • NO EXTENDED CARE on Friday, October 9th.
  • NO SCHOOL on Monday, October 12th
Coming Up
Celebration of All Saints’ on 11/6.

  • Students will need to come dressed as a saint on this day. They will also have to pick a saint to research. Please start thinking about a saint. Their costume and saint choice do NOT need to match. Some people have invested a lot of money in a saint costume and might want to wear it again. I just ask for them to please research a saint that is NEW to them.
Skeleton Book Report
  • Directions will be going home tomorrow. If you want to challenge your child to read a mystery book for this book report it would be great. Other students might want to utilize a book they have read so far this year. That is fine as well.
Parent Conferences
  • I will be sending out a Sign Up Genius to sign up for your parent conference in November.

What is happening in 4th grade?

Religion: We are currently reading Chapter 3 – Sin in Our World. We recently discussed mortal and venial sin and how those impact our relationship with God. This week will learn about the Parable of the Good Samaritan and sins of omission and commission, as well as social sin.

Grammar: We have been learning about compound subjects and verbs and about the importance of capitalization.

Math: We are on Unit 2 – Multiplication. There are still several students that are struggling with their math facts. Today I gave several students some fact charts in order to best assist them since we are now learning about double digit by single digit multiplication. If you have time, please keep reviewing their facts with them especially the high 6s, 7s, and 8s seem to be the biggest area of struggle for them.

Social Studies: Our flour maps didn’t dry well, so we left them to dry over the weekend. This seemed to help them. It is my hope to be able to paint them and label different parts of California this week. We will be moving on in our books to Chapter 2 on the First Californians. This will be a project based chapter where students will be assigned a specific tribe in California to do a project on in class.

Literature: We are continuing to read War with Grandpa. We are focusing on characters and plot, as well as finding similes. Today we also had a brief debate on if grandpa’s reaction to Peter’s behavior was justified or not.

Writing: We are going to focus on opinion writing and responding to a prompt with evidence to support our opinions.

Mrs. Z