Quick Note from Mrs. Z

Hi parents,

I hope you will enjoy your 3 day weekend. I wanted to let you know that I talked with the students today about sometimes using the weekend to get a head start on the week, especially when you know your week might be filled with extracurricular activities after school. I know as a mom I try to do some things in advance so the week goes a little more smoothly. So here is a snapshot of the week next week.
Homework at a Glance
Reading: read and log for 100 minutes. Log due on Friday.
Vocabulary: Vocab book work due on Thursday. Unit 1 test on Friday.
Spelling: Spelling Activities due on Thursday. Lesson 1 test on Friday.
Math: ALEKS homework assignment due Wednesday. ALEKs 5 topics due by Friday.
I asked them not to do page 12  because I would like to do that with them on Tuesday.
Spelling Activities http://www.spellingcity.com/kzack/
Students log in to Spelling City and use their username and password. On the top they will see a green assignment area. Click on the red arrow. They need to complete all 6 assigned activities.(I showed them this today.)
ALEKs — https://www.aleks.com/
When they log in to ALEKS they should see HOMEWORK 1 on the left side. They need to do the 13 or 14 rounding problems I assigned. I gave them a quick quiz yesterday and rounding was the most missed concept, so I am giving them some more support and practice in this area. I set it up so they can redo the assignment as many times as they want to get the score they want.
In order to make sure your child does indeed complete 5 topics, it might be helpful to write the number in the middle of their pie down when you first log in. Add 5 and make sure that number is in the middle of their pie by Friday. Usually students would have a half hour of ALEKS on Monday to help them with this part, but since Monday is a holiday they are losing that time. I did take them to the computer lab today to finish their ALEKs assessment and many already started on working towards the 5 for Friday.
Okay, I just wanted to explain why they might have their vocab book and be talking about using their weekend and everything. It is up to you how you decide to complete the homework, but I like to give everyone a chance to have a lighter load during a hectic work week.
Have a good weekend!
Mrs. Z