Hi parents,

It has been a very busy week this week and so I thought I would take a minute and send out some reminders.

Academic Reminders

  • Science Astronomy Test tomorrow
  • Social Studies test tomorrow on Chapter 5
  • Spelling sentences are due
  • Vocab cards are due
  • Reading log is due

I will be checking Expert Cards again tomorrow. Some students still don’t have their cards memorized yet, so I am checking daily to make sure they are ready for next Wednesday’s Walk Through California onsite activity.

Remember your child will need to come in free dress on Wednesday and dressed as something to do with California history. I am also still looking for a score keeper if you are interested in being here all morning.

School Reminders

  • Mass uniform tomorrow for all school mass at 11:15
  • We are still in need of donations for our “Beach Party” themed basket for the Carnival auction
  • Third grade is collecting cans for a Works of Mercy project due tomorrow
  • Padres ticket orders are due to me tomorrow

Thanks so much for all that you do for our school. One more day to go and you have successfully survived your first week back!!