Welcome Back!

Hi all,

I hope you had a wonderful Easter break. I thoroughly enjoyed time with my family and learned so much at the NCEA conference this past week.
Here are some quick reminders:
Monday – no morning mass since we have mass on Friday. NO HOMEWORK help tomorrow. 
Tuesday – Pizza lunch
Friday – Mass uniform and mass at 11:15.
Padres ticket orders due by Friday. Game is Friday, May 6th at 7:40 against the New York Mets.
Students will also be learning about our last book report this week. I am asking for students to find an award winning book or a classic to read. The book report won’t be due until May, but sometimes finding a book will take a little bit of time. Students have already heard about this a little bit and just so you know, a New York Times best seller is not an award winning book. =)
Here is a link to Newbery Medal winners and honors. There are many other types of awards out there. My main focus is for them to select a quality piece of literature to read. With the different reading levels in class, everyone will have to select a book that works best for them. Please feel free to email me asking about a book.
Lastly, I am changing up the Spelling format for these next two weeks. This week handwritten or typed sentences will be due on Friday. Next week their Spelling packet will be due on Friday when they take their test. Students will NO LONGER be doing ABC order or using Spelling City for now. Too many students are not writing quality sentences and trying to fool the online system at this point. Sentences must start with a capital letter, have end punctuation, and show the meaning of the word.
Mrs. Katie Zack